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Zinc, Serum

Test Code: 6903 CPT Code: 84630
Specimen Type: Serum collected in a yellow-top, metal free tube
Sample Volume: 3.0 mL (1.0mL - min)
Transport Condition: Refrigerated condition
Specimen Rejection Criteria: Gross hemolysis
Methodology: ICPMS
Special Requirements: Blood in Greiner vaccutainer with gel and yellow ring in the cap. Centrifuge, do not separate serum. Morning fasting specimen should be collected.
Clinical Significance:

Zinc is an essential element involved in a myriad of enzyme systems including wound healing, immune function, and fetal development. Zinc measurement are used in detection and monitoring industrial, dietary, and accidental exposure to zinc. Zinc measurement may also be used to evaluate health and monitor response to treatment.

Run Day: Thurs
Reporting Day: 2nd day